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Offline mode

2015-05-02 06:14:26 by HThomson

There is now an offline mode, so your site will still gain views even when you’re away. 


Big Idle Web Tycoon update

2015-03-08 18:45:56 by HThomson

Big update for Idle Web Tycoon

Sorry it took so long, but this was a big update and other things kept getting in the way.


Anyway, here are the new features:

  • There is now the option to prestige, this will let you expand onto other planets within the galaxy.
  • These planets can be conquered and as you conquer more of the galaxy your commander rank will increase.
  • Prestiging will clear all your cash and assets but will convert your view count into experience points.
  • Experience points act as a multiplier, increasing the rate at which your site gains views. Experience points aren't wiped when you prestige so will accumulate to give quite a large boost as you get to more difficult planets.
  • On top of this a lot of people have been requesting the ability to open extra tabs with bonus content such as minigames, so I have added some new functionality to the in-game browser allowing you to open one new tab every time you prestige.
  • Bonus tabs contain odd little bits of content, some of them are conventional minigames and some are just small idle-esque toys to play with while you wait.
  • There are 8 bonus tabs in total and you unlock one every time you prestige.
  • I've also made a lot of bug fixes and other subtle tweaks.

Thanks for your patience and best of luck with your galactic conquest.


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